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Membership Update

On September 22, 2022, the NABET-CWA Sector Executive Council (“SEC”) placed Local 41 under Temporary Trusteeship, in accordance with Article V, Section 5.6(O) of the Sector Bylaws. The purpose of this memo is to provide an update to Local 41 members on current events at the Local.

Office Operations

The Local 41 office is stable and operating in an efficient manner. All bank and investment accounts are secure, bills are being paid, and incoming dues and initiation fee payments are being processed. Trustee Ed McEwan, with assistance from the Sector office, will continue the necessary work to ensure that contracts are enforced, grievances are processed, and negotiations with employers remain on track.

Contract Negotiations

Trustee McEwan and Sector Officers are in contact with employer representatives for all collective bargaining agreements that are currently open for negotiations. Contracts for WGBO, WFLD, Clarion North America, WITI/FOX 6 (Milwaukee), and Big Ten Network, are among those currently on the bargaining table.

Local 41 General Membership Meeting

On Wednesday, November 9th Local 41 conducted two in-person General Membership Meetings at 211 West Wacker Drive. Trustee Ed McEwan was joined by NABET-CWA General Counsel Judiann Chartier, Sector President Charlie Braico and Sector Vice President Lou Marinaro for these meetings, which were conducted at lunchtime and again in the early evening. The meetings were well-attended, and members had ample opportunities to ask questions and give feedback on a variety of topics.

Temporary Trusteeship – Hearing and Trial

Pursuant to the Sector Bylaws, the Local Union is entitled to a full and fair trial before the Sector Executive Council no later than six (6) months after the establishment of the trusteeship. The Sector Executive Council will schedule such a trial in the coming weeks. Full details will be made available shortly.

Local 41 Officers, Executive Board (Stewards) Election

In order to fully protect the rights and interests of all Local 41 members in good standing, a new election for Local Officers, as well as all Executive Board members (Stewards and Steward Alternates), will be conducted early in 2023. The election will be supervised and administered by the NABET-CWA Sector. Restoring democratic procedures to Local 41 is a top priority. Local 41 cannot emerge from Temporary Trusteeship until new officers have been elected, certified and installed.


We will continue to post updates as needed. If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance with any matter, please call the Local 41 office at: 312-372-4111, or contact Trustee Ed McEwan at: or

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