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ABC Opening 2021 Contract Proposals

Dear ABC Local 41 members,

Bargaining for a successor contract to the ABC Master Agreement and the ABC-ESPN Sports Event Agreement began on October 22, 2021. The Network Negotiating Committee (NNC) has agreed to post both the Union’s and the Company’s original proposals. Below you will find five (5) links to the packages presented from NABET-CWA and ABC-Disney. The proposals are presented without editorial perspective. In reviewing these proposals, you may see where the Company is focusing its efforts for changes. NABET-CWA will vigorously negotiate for better terms and conditions of employment, as well as higher wages.

The NABET-CWA/ABC-Disney negotiations will resume on January 10, 2022, in New York, where 10 days of meetings are scheduled with the Company. With continued perseverance and determination, the Union intends to return a contract that betters the lives of our members.

In Solidarity,
Christopher A. Willadsen I President

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